JanedaPain artist statement.....bla bla bla....

Art and Science have collided together in an awesome array of sights sounds and interactive collaboration that has changed my life. I am embracing digital art from an educational point of view and collaborating my love of science (specifically astronomy), technology, engineering and mathematics, as a focus for my new creative expression with art. I am producing art for the science industry, and I am looking for new ways to express these important theories with digital technologies.

I am interested in collaborative artwork and interactive experience with my audience. I am now trying to incorporate these new open space, and collaborative energies into educational learning experiences for the public and myself. These critical web-based art spaces are important for the development of technology and art. Participating in these collaborative digital art projects has had an addictive and enlightening influence upon me, and my artistic expression.

I am also interested in the digital narrative and documentation process. I have begun to re-establish my past through narrative themes. I am using scrapbook materials and old media to recreate stories and self portraits.

My interest in guerilla art and installation art is deep. I love to build, and create interactive installations in live public spaces that question peoples ideas. I love to participate in political based art projects that question the use of technology, and demonstrate the power to the people.

I am collecting original media and collaboratively expressing ideas and themes about the world we live in interactively. I like to address life as seen from my unique scientific perspective, and I am able to do that digitally through several mediums including video, photography, texts, audio, 3D computer generated graphics and installations. There is not a medium I am not interested in using in collaboration with technology and other artists.